A character in the popular Stranger Things Netflix original series is Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien). She shows up in the fourth season’s opening episode. Chrissy appears to be your standard cheerleader from the outside—popular, preppy, and frilly. However, she faces internal challenges, mainly related to her body image and verbal abuse from her mother. She is the first victim of Vecna’s manipulation of her vulnerabilities against her. She is hanging out with Eddie Munson, who she had started to get close to in an unexpected friendship. When she is possessed and killed.

From Stranger Things Season 4, who is Chrissy Cunningham?

The leading cheerleader at Hawkins High School lives an extraordinary existence. She dates the best basketball player in the school, Jason Carver, and is gorgeous and well-liked (Mason Dye).

However, there’s a lot of quiet behind the surface. Which you should be aware of if you’ve watched the first three seasons of Stranger Things. In truth, Chrissy is torment by nightmares in which the monster Vecna makes her view the bodies of their family members.

It doesn’t become relevant if she went through it like other Vecna-preyed characters or if she’s predicting it will happen because it’s never made clear in the episodes. To avoid the visions, she is kill while attempting to get drugs from Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

Despite Chrissy’s horrifying demise at the end of the season premiere, her ghost looms large for the remainder of the season. Eddie is soon suspect of killing her, and the police and the basketball team are after him (surprisingly, the basketball squad appears to be the more deadly).

After losing her, Jason almost wholly loses it and begins a Satanic Panic in the style of the 1980s in her honour. The saddest part is Vecna’s fortress lets us repeatedly see her mutilated remains buried in such an unsightly pillar inside the Upside Down.

Chrissy Cunningham fits which personality type?

Chrissy Cunningham has the personality type of an ESFJ. Chrissy Cunningham, an ESFJ, is known for having relatively conventional values and a propensity to stick with the way of life they were raised in.

This person is constantly seeking ways to help others in need. They are frequently bubbly, friendly, and empathic and are natural crowd-pleasers. Because ESFJs are trustworthy and loyal, they demand the same qualities from their friends. They are ready to forgive but never forget transgression.

The spotlight doesn’t bother these social chameleons. Do not mistake their gregarious disposition with indifference, though. These people are dependable and loyal in their relationships and commitments. Whether they are ready or not, they always show up when you need a friend. Undoubtedly, ambassadors are the ones you turn to in good times and bad.

Which Characters Would Be the Best Matches for Chrissy Cunningham?

ISFJ, ISFP, and ISTP are the greatest personality matches for Chrissy Cunningham as an ESFJ. The personality with the most comparable way of thinking, shared values, and decision-making process is an ISFJ, according to the Boo algorithm.

They are similar to you but are either more outgoing or more introverted. Most of the time, we are attract to people. Who are the complete antithesis of our introversion and extroversion, making them a perfect match on our compatibility radar. The second personality type we advise is ISFP.

People who share the two letters between each other on their 16 personality types but have the opposing first and final letters complement one another well. In the above example, extroversion and introversion are essential attraction-related dynamics. Remember to consider the conflicting chemistry of judging and perception, which fills in each other’s gaps.

You’ve probably heard this love tale before: one partner (Judging) is more planned, organised, and composed, while the other is more impulsive, passive, and carefree (Perceiving). ISTP, which has the same second letter as your 16 personality type. Whether you are both Intuitive (N) or Sensing (S), can also be an excellent compatible match that we suggest (S).

It expresses your tendency to use your senses or intuition to view and understand the world. The likelihood that you will connect deeply organically with someone depends on this. It doesn’t matter what the other letters in your personality type are; you will still be largely compatible.

What type of Enneagram is Chrissy Cunningham?

Chrissy Cunningham has a Three wing, or 4w3, and is an Enneagram Four personality type. 4w3s are competitive and image-conscious individuals that strive to stand out completely.

However, compared to people with a temperament of a fourth type or a fifth wing influence on social acceptability, they are more sensitive because of their third wing, which also makes them more aware of what others think.

They find it difficult to heal by eradicating their own emotions since, deep down, they also need to express themselves and be heard and understood.


Chrissy Cunningham has a minor part. That’s because, like Barb (Shannon Purser) before her in Season 4 of Stranger Things, Chrissy dies to show how genuinely frightening the new nemesis, Vecna, is.

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