Sophia Ansari is from Gujarat, and she is a content creator and claims to be a social media influencer. He has a charming personality with amazing physical traits. People love her for the rawness that she brings to her videos. She is a popular TikTok star and uploads a lot of lip-syncing videos. She was very regular on TikTok and posted a lot of videos every day, making herself visible everywhere. In this way, he earned a lot of followers and this helped him in building a career.

Apart from making lip-syncing videos, Sofia Ansari is also a talented dancer and actress. She loves making short videos and those videos are well like by his followers. Although she was repeatedly criticize for her dress and hotness, many people loved her for these qualities. She is a very strong woman, and she can handle all the haters that come her way. She counts on ideas, and it doesn’t matter if she gets love or hate.

Sofia Ansari Biography

Sofia, alias Sofia Saleha Ansari was born and brought up by her parents in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. 1996 saw the birth of this absolutely stunning influencer. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 30th of April. At present, this Taurus girl is an Indian passport holder who belongs to the South Asian ethnic group and follows the Islamic religion. She completed her education in Gujarat and relocated to Mumbai, Maharashtra to try his luck in the social media industry. Due to her charming personality and athletic body type, this young model has achieved many major milestones that she intended to in her life.

Sofia Ansari Age, Height, Weight

Being born on 30th April 1996, she is currently 26 years old and will be turning 27 very soon this year. Talking about her physical attributes. She is 5 feet 5′ inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 50 kg (110 lbs). Her facial features include her black hair and black eyes which further characterize her as a beautiful woman. Moving on, she has an overall body measurement of 36-28-26 inches which means that she has a zero figure. Also he is a tattoo lover. She has a ring tattoo on her left shoulder, a devil tattoo on her left shoulder, a wolf tattoo inside a full moon on her right arm, an angel tattoo on her right shoulder, and a leaf tattoo on her right wrist.

Sofia Ansari Education

Sofia has completed her high school studies at Ryan International School based in Gujarat. After finishing her studies, she took admission in Vadodara Degree College, Gujarat and soon after becoming a degree holder in the Commerce field, she started focusing on her acting and modelling career. Though she is doing great in her career, her big ambitions are motivating her to do much more in her life. Maybe someday, it is possible that we might see her in any web series or movie. 

Sofia Ansari Career:

Sofia Ansari participated in several modeling contests and beauty pageants in the early stages of her career. When she won the title of Miss Teen Gujarat in 2012, it was her first significant achievement. His career has always seen many ups and downs, criticism of the society and much more. She started her professional career as a TikTok star and later, she ventured into content creation, social media influencer as well as modeling. His journey brought him love, hate, fame and most importantly money.

Currently, he is one of the leading Social Media Influencers, Content Creators, Models and YouTubers. Her content is most inclined towards her bold pictures, videos and reels which evoke a perfect combination of positive and negative reactions from the viewers. She was also a part of many roasting videos on Youtube which were made by many YouTubers. In 2017, she appeared in a music video titled “Ikkakudi”. Later, in 2020, she was a contestant in ‘Fame House’ aired on MX Takatak. Several other music videos, including Billo Town and Chashma Pyar Ka, also helped her gain fame as a model. Recently, for this reason, now the media has started throwing light on them too.

Early life:

In July 2021, TikTok got banned in India due to security reasons. Like many other big TikTokers, Sofia Ansari was perplexed by the announcement. She was very unhappy with the decision as she had a lot of followers on TikTok and was earning a lot of money from the promotions and views. But she chose not to stop making videos. Within a few days, Instagram brought a feature named Reels. Reels brought a ray of hope for her, and she started making regular videos on Instagram after that.

Sofia Ansari was born on 30th April 1996, in West Bengal to a Muslim family. Soon her family shifted to Gujarat. She did her schooling at the Ryan international school, which is situate in her hometown. She loves her family, and her biggest fear is to lose her family someday. She used to love dancing and acting and participated in school plays. Her hobby in her tender years became her way of earning money in her adulthood.

Sofia Ansari Family

She was born into a well-reputed family in Gujarat who believes in the Islamic culture. Her family constitutes 5 members including herself, her mother, her father, and 2 younger sisters. This means that Sofia is the eldest daughter of her beloved parents. If we talk about the further details of her family, nothing information is there to be share related to her. It is only known that one of her sisters’ names is Sanaa. Her family has always shown love for each other and supported her even in her career in every possible manner. Taking this into consideration what she is today, is all because of her family.

sofia ansari boyfriend, affairs, marriage

According to rumors, she has been single for a very long time and devotes most of her time to her career. Further more. She has not been linked with any love relationship and any information related to her past affairs has never been confirm by her and the media. It goes without saying that she may have courted controversies because of her content, but she has also been in some kind of controversy regarding her love life. She is a woman of privacy who prefers to stay away from discussing her personal life. He is not even married. She also has no desire to tie the knot with anyone as she is very possessive about her career and always chooses it above all.

Sofia Ansari Tik Tok, Instagram

Before Tiktok was banned, Sofia Ansari was a top content creator on the platform whose fan following was 5.6 million and possessed 93.9M million hearts on her account. On her Instagram account, she has a fanbase of more than 9.1 million and a total of 602 feeds. She is a verified user who is available on the platform by the username, “@sofia9__official.” On Twitter, she has a parody account that is named “@iamSofiaOff.” It has around 178.3k followers and a total of 102 Tweets. Similarly, she has a Youtube channel named, “@sofiaansari3905” which has 506K subscribers and 62 videos uploaded as of now.

Net worth:

If we look at her net worth, her professional career has turned out to be successful for her and helped her build a net worth of around 250-300k dollars which is around 1-1.5 crores in Indian currency. Her monthly aggregate income is estimated to be calculate at 2.5-3 lakhs and her annual income is around 80-90 lakhs that she earns from her social media influence, modelling, and Youtuber career. Indeed, she is a successful independent woman who prefers to lead a life on her own terms like a Bosslady.


  1. What is the age of Sofia Ansari?

Ans: Sofia Ansari is 27 years old as of 2023. She is becoming more beautiful with each passing day.

  1. How tall is Sofia Ansari?

Ans: Her height is 5’4” or 163 cm. She is not very tall, but her beautiful traits and slim figure make her look tall.

  1. What is Sofia Ansari’s birthdate?

Ans: She was born on 30th April 1996. She celebrates her birthday every year with her friends and industry colleagues.

  1. Is Sofia Ansari dating someone?

Ans: She is not dating anyone as of now. She is interest in men, and she loves to create content with men.

  1. Is Sofia Ansari available on TikTok?

Ans: Sofia Ansari used to be a TikTok sensation. She had millions of followers on TikTok. But as the app got banned in India, Sofia stopped making videos for that video streaming app. As the app got banned in India, her account also might get banned.

  1. What is Sofia Ansari’s net worth?

Ans: She earns 70-80 Lakhs per year, and has been working for the last 4 years. You will see that her net worth is around 280 – 320 Lakhs if you calculate.

  1. Why is Sofia Ansari famous?

Ans: don’t you watch reels or shorts on YouTube?  They are filled with Sofia videos. She makes lip-synching videos, dance videos, and sketches, and she is very famous among Asians for her amazing physical attributes.

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