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What is Wpit18? How to Register and Login Wpit18 Dashboard?

What does Wpit18 stand for, do you know? If you regularly use the web, I expect you are already familiar with Wpit18.com. It is a website where Filipinos can register for rooster battles. You can also register to participate in events independently. In reality, this site is about rooster battles. where anyone may participate in a large rooster battle competition. This article guides you through every detail about what Wpit18 is, its dashboard and login process, and more.

What do you mean by Wpit18.com?

On the website wpit18.com, players can view rooster battles in real-time. The rooster who is still living at the end of this game, which lasts for roughly four to five minutes, is the winner. The majority of nations have made it unlawful to intentionally harm or kill animals or birds for entertainment purposes. Surprisingly, they are still widespread in some areas. If you want to play a similar game then check

Wpit18.com is a world pit cup organization that organizes rooster fights. To compete, teams bring their strongest roosters. This show has had participants from various parts of the world. By visiting the website, logging in, and entering their email accounts and other details, users can even join this game for free.

When you visit the official website, you have the option to submit an application to become an agent. By applying for this job, you might easily earn between $5,000 and $15,000 each year. The Wpit18.com webpage has always been accessible, and weekly payments are made.

 How to Register on Wpit18.com?

  • You must first visit Wpit18.com’s official website. 
  • To form a new account press the “create a new account” button.
  • Fill in all the required fields including your name, dob, phone number, and other information details.
  • Finally, send the form for additional approval.
  • If you’re from the Philippines and you’re having trouble signing up for an account on the page, you can also choose “Contact Us.” The contact numbers’ specific details are as follows:
  • You must call the admin to register.
  • You will get an email about your username and password after registering.

How to Login on Wpit18 Dashboard?

Participants receive their username and password upon registration, which they will use to log into their accounts. Additionally, those who want to watch this competition live online can do so through the website.


It is safe to register on the secure platform Wpit18. com. It safeguards the player’s data. Those who play this game have a chance to win enormous sums of money. But because they harm animals, these competitions need to be criticized.

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