In the world of business and marketing, lots of strategies have to be implemented in order to make things work in their favour. The success of any company gaining massive amounts of success is because of the various kinds of strategies that they have applied during their journey of becoming a big brand.

In our article today, we will be talking about a company that has come under the spotlight but not because of the different strategies that they have adopted, but rather a number of lawsuits that they have been involved in. This company is called the Bench Craft Company Lawsuit, and if you wish to know more about the lawsuits that they have been involved in, then take a look at the article that we have written for you.

Bench Craft Company

Before we get into the details that that have been created as a result of the lawsuits that this company has been involved in, it is very important that we first look at what kind of company Bench Craft is.

Based on the information that is available on there website as well as some other places, Bench Craft is a company that is involved in the sports industry, and they are primarily focused on outdoor marketing, and they specialise in golf course signs as well as printed advertising regarding books on Golf course yardage.

This company was founded by William J. McHugh Sr. in 1982, and throughout the years, they have expanded their business by collaborating with small sized businesses and local advertising brands to give them advertising opportunities.

The Bench Craft Company had a pretty simple type of business concept, where they signed contracts with local companies to distribute golf course materials that had advertisements of local companies.


At some point of time, the Bench Craft Company got involved in a couple of lawsuits that occured due to questionable business practices. Here are some of the reasons why they got into these lawsuits:

  • Many small businesses that had contractually collaborated with Bench Craft Company have claimed that they were deceived into purchasing space for advertisement on the company’s products. It was claimed by them that the company’s representatives enable high-pressure tactics while lying about the effectiveness of the advertisements and also, did not reveal important terms of the contract.
  • There were many companies who collaborated with Bench Craft Company and were left disappointed when the company failed to keep their side of the agreement. This resulted in incomplete results, and the advertisers complained that their advertisements were not reaching the target audience.
  •  It was also claimed by many small businesses that the contracts they were made to sign had terms that were more beneficial for Bench Craft Company than being mutually beneficial.

Company’s Response

In response to all the allegations made by the small business against Bench Craft Companylawsuit, the company itself vehemently denied these allegations and accusations made against them. According to them, they had provided advertising services to these companies that were valuable and any problems that may have arised could have been caused due to miscommunication or unavoidable incidents.

They made claims of having been in the business for many years and have provided satisfactory results for all the brands they collaborated with.


As of September 2021, some of the cases have been settled and some are still needed to be settled.